August 29, 2014

I tremble.

You hold me close.

I sigh.

I rest.

by Martha L Shaw – © 9-2-2013

jesus hugs

Peace Peace Peace Peace Peace Peace Peace Peace Peace

August 29, 2014



August 28, 2014


Whether you stand in the shade,

Or in the sun,

Is not the tree still beautiful?

By Martha L Shaw – © 8-28-2014



August 28, 2014



And shadows . . .

So different,

Yet alike.

They share the same story

From the other side.


By Martha L Shaw – © 8-28-2014

The Heart Makes A Choice

August 28, 2014


The day began with birds singing

A wakeup melody of praise.

I joined them in spirit

With words of my own

Then proceeded on with my day.


I made coffee

And fed my body

As my soul had been,

And smiled still.

There is turmoil all around me

And though I try

I cannot change it all

But I do not have to let it change me.

Sing  . . .

Smile . . .

Praise . .  .

I choose joy.

By Martha L Shaw – © 9-17-2013


August 27, 2014


A Glimpse of Heaven

August 26, 2014

I believe the birds sing more sweetly than ever when they see me in my favorite spot, the white wicker settee, rejoicing with them. All the stress and uncertainty drifts away and only hope and joy remains.

new sunroom furn


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