Six Word Friday – DRIVE – An Acrostic

May 2, 2014






By Martha L Shaw – ©5-2-2014

Click the image and join the fun!

Click the image and join the fun!

Promises – An Acrostic

July 24, 2013

Pausing for breath . . .

Racing to the finish and listening to the crowd?

Oh, what a mistake!

My life was meant for something else.

Instead I’m seeking something more today.

Established for me long before the world began . . .

So simple, so Divine . . . your sweet love.

By Martha L Shaw – © 7-24-2013

Lily – An Acrostic

June 17, 2013

Limped to the mailbox.

In the sky,

Likewise my mind, were clouds.

Yet there you were brightening the day!


By Martha L Shaw – © 6-17-2013 Words and image

Nailed – A Holy Week Acrostic Poem

March 26, 2013


No sin left unforgiven

At the last day

If you but ask.

Let Him fill you with His grace . . .

Eternal life Him.

Do you love me?” I do.

By Martha L Shaw ©3-26-2013

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Ashes. An Acrostic Poem For Lent

February 13, 2013

An ashen heap,

So full of memories burned and gone

However, not truly forgotten, but then:

Enter upon the scene Jesus Christ

Sin forgiven as ashes swept away and treasure redefined!


By Martha L Shaw – ©2-13-2013


JOY – An Acrostic and Haiku

February 6, 2013

Jesus in my heart?

Omnipotent Savior . . . more!

Yes, friend and lover!


SMILING – An Acrostic About Today

January 3, 2013

Sometimes life goes along a familiar path for a while then . . .

My heart pounds as I face a brick wall.

I thought I was clever and strong.

Looking at the wall from this side still . . .

I find myself trusting the Lord, but . . .

New heart, new hope, new crack in the brick wall . . .

God provided a toe hold to climb up and begin anew!


Jesus, Milk, and Cookies – An Acrostic About Faith

December 20, 2012

TN_biscuit 3

Carrying my milk and cookies to my quiet place

Of refuge from the challenges which seem to be

Organizing themselves for battle against me.

Kill me?  They may try but are unlikely to succeed.

I have my Jesus with me.  He has a plan.

Expecting great things from Him . . .

Staying wrapped in His love.

By Martha L Shaw – Copyright 12-20-2012

Seven Word Sundays – Sabbath

December 15, 2012

caddo's 7 word sunday








by Martha L Shaw

Copyright 12-15-2012

Weakness – An Acrostic on Strength Redefined

December 6, 2012


What would I do without you . . .

Except rely on my own questionable strength

As I used to do.

Kept me happy for brief moments, yet . . .

Not filled with Your joy as I know it now.

Even so,

Sometimes I lose my focus on you, but then?

So quickly you pick me up and hold me close once more!

by Martha L Shaw – Copyright -12-6-2012


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