Pray Without Ceasing

October 1, 2014

Here I sit

working at my desk.

The windows are open.

The sun smiles down on me still

while the breeze gently tickles me

and the birds sing as they build their nest.

Like me,

they too are blessed!

by Martha L Shaw – © 10-1-2014


Thoughts Over Morning Coffee

September 29, 2014

When we approach the world around us looking with the eyes of Christ, our blindness is immediately healed. – Martha L Shaw – Thoughts Over Morning Coffee



September 29, 2014


We are healed by what we are . . .

what we were made to be.

The preacher must preach,

the singer must make her music,

the writer must write.

Death is in the denial

but life is in the acceptance . . .

                 By Martha L Shaw – Copyright 09-29-12

Six Word Friday

September 26, 2014

Focusing on Jesus I don’t trip!

Rejoice on a Rainy Day – A Tanka Poem

September 25, 2014

Originally posted on In Love With The Lord Poetry and Prose:


Droplets of water

Falling, falling, from the sky

You nourish dry ground

and provide restoration!

New life, new hope – praise, rejoice!


By Martha L Shaw – © 2-23-2013

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Thoughts Over Morning Coffee

September 23, 2014


We struggle with our faith having read much, attended church services, etc. Consider the 12 named followers of Christ, His apostles, who dropped everything and said yes when He said “follow me” and with NONE of the information we possess. REMARKABLE.

The Conversion

September 21, 2014

Love came softly

Like wings of a butterfly,

Yet its power knocked me flat,

Took my breath away,

And left me changed  forever.

By Martha L Shaw ©9-21-2014


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