July 23, 2014


What is that glow

which lies beyond the gate?

Two steps away,

it beckons.

Dare I enter?

by Martha L Shaw – © 7-23-2014

God’s Love Is Like

July 22, 2014

I rolled over in bed early this morning, winced in pain being a human barometer, and glanced at the clock noting it was 5am.  I was glad to realize I’d gotten some sleep.




It was still dark outside and I realized it was pouring out.  As I listened to the noise of such heavy rain I heard something more.  I heard the beautiful sound of a bird singing. It was still pouring and my body still hurt but somehow it didn’t really matter.  God’s love is like that.

Heart’s Melody

July 22, 2014

images (1)

You color my world

in rain or glow of sun

and add music!

by Martha L Shaw – © 7-22-2014

I Am

July 21, 2014

I rise,

and feeling your presence,

I soar.





Abide With Me

July 18, 2014

True hope can only come from the living Word of God. I have been in need of encouragement and hope lately and received it thru several channels including the sermon Sunday, the prayers at yesterday’s healing service, and the following quote. Guard your heart, friends, and be careful where you put your trust:

“For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and in Christ you have been brought to fullness. He is the head over every power and authority.” – Colossians 2:9-10 NIV

Walk In Faith

July 17, 2014

curtains bed


I see it’s time to get up

And I wonder what to do.

As the curtains flutter in the breeze,

I see you on the other side

Encouraging me to go on.

Answers will come.

By Martha L Shaw  - ©7-17-2014



Captivating – A Poem

July 16, 2014

Mepkin 2007 009

Mepkin 2007 015



Like the earth around me,

Often seems hard,



Where is the rain?

Where is the fruit for which I hunger?


But when you squeeze my hand;

I am reminded that I walk this path

Not alone but with you.


I am enchanted!

The Light in your eyes

Illuminates my world anew.

I hear you  . . . I see you . . .

in the flora and fauna . . .

in all that surrounds me.

How could I have failed to see?

These human eyes,

Why do they betray me?

As I gaze into yours,

I see myself

Changed by your love.

I am captivated by the opportunities

Suddenly my own,

By the beauty you’ve laid before me.

I wonder,

How could I so long have missed it?

By Martha L Shaw  - words and pictures © 3-2-2013

Mepkin 2007 003

Mepkin 2007 021




This Is The Day – Norning Praise

July 16, 2014

Wisdom From Joyce Meyer

July 14, 2014

On Appreciation

July 9, 2014

I had one of those nights last night . . . fitful sleep, distracted by “thoughts” and unpleasant dreams.  So, when the clock slowly reached 5am, I got up, set the coffee on to brew, and sat down to check emails and read daily devotionals.  One message quickly caught me and distracted me from my aches and pains.  It was “Pray! It makes a difference” and having read it before coffee, I do not recall who said so, but I did as I was told and it DID change my focus.  Our Lord is amazing!  As I reflected on this, I randomly scanned emails and a comment on this post told me that I was blessed with an award NO STRINGS ATTACHED!


Thank you, Eric from The Hunt FOR Truth for this honor!  If

you have not discovered his blog yet, do pop over and check it out.  You will be blessed!


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