Six Word Saturday!

August 30, 2014

Rising Sun!

Day’s Begun!

Praising Jesus!





August 29, 2014

I tremble.

You hold me close.

I sigh.

I rest.

by Martha L Shaw – © 9-2-2013

jesus hugs


August 28, 2014


Whether you stand in the shade,

Or in the sun,

Is not the tree still beautiful?

By Martha L Shaw – © 8-28-2014



August 28, 2014



And shadows . . .

So different,

Yet alike.

They share the same story

From the other side.


By Martha L Shaw – © 8-28-2014

The Heart Makes A Choice

August 28, 2014


The day began with birds singing

A wakeup melody of praise.

I joined them in spirit

With words of my own

Then proceeded on with my day.


I made coffee

And fed my body

As my soul had been,

And smiled still.

There is turmoil all around me

And though I try

I cannot change it all

But I do not have to let it change me.

Sing  . . .

Smile . . .

Praise . .  .

I choose joy.

By Martha L Shaw – © 9-17-2013

Soul Food

August 20, 2014

My mind can only know so much.

It is only when my soul is fed

that my life is forever changed.

by Martha L Shaw 8-20-14



August 17, 2014

Sometimes . . .

You have to listen really closely

To hear the music in the silence.

But, once you hear it,

Your heart will never forget its song.

By Martha L Shaw © 8-17-2014

blue sky


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