April Rain And Poetry

April 24, 2014

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Six Word Friday – Twist

February 21, 2014

A new twist?







February 14, 2014


I didn’t like the music

Until I began to dance

And that made all the difference.

By Martha L Shaw – © 2-14-2014

Marked As Christ’s Own

November 9, 2013

By Martha L Shaw – ©11-9-2013


The tough wooden cross in my hand was given to me by a man I’d never met before this past Thursday when by chance or design we prayed together then he shared testimony with me.  As my wounded spirit soared I shared mine with him as well.  Time and other responsibility flew as we were drawn together and when we parted he gave me a small wooden cross carved by hand from a bit of storm severed cypress and by a man I will never know.

This morning when the crisis of the moment which kept me from sleep last night find a way to steal my joy of the new morning, I retreated to my quiet place and gripped this cross in my tremor ravaged left hand.  I could not think or pray but only rest in my quiet place and grip it.  I came to feel the love and prayers of the one who carved it.  I realized my pain lessened as did my tremors.  Just now as I pondered this knowing it was not any  holistic healing power in the wood nor in the preserving oil, but in the significance it held, I looked at it and saw that nature had damaged the wood in a way that took my spirit higher still.  There are tiny cracks the eye, or mine anyway, needed to look closely to see.  Where do these cracks appear?   Just where Jesus hands and feet would have been if this had been the tree on which He gave His life for me.


November 3, 2013

If we believe in the absolute power and love of God then we must also believe our lives, our joys and our challenges, are in His hands. – Martha L Shaw  11-3-2013

Out of Focus

October 7, 2013

The music was still playing

With all its usual splendor.

I simply couldn’t hear it.

The sun rose

At its proper time,

But I could neither

See its brightness

Nor feel the warmth of its touch.

So, can I really call it

A bad day?

By Martha L Shaw –© 10-7-2013

Are YOU The One?

September 11, 2013

Nothing will ever change

Until one single soul

Breaks down the wall of fear

And climbs through

To the other side.

By Martha L Shaw – ©9-11-2013


Why Do You Write?

August 26, 2013

Why do you write, really . . . why?  There are many answers which quickly come to mind, but this quotation is AWESOME and answers the question SO well.

“I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.” 
- Joan Didion

A New Perspective

August 22, 2013

Is that merely

A crack in the wall

Or an opening

To all that lies beyond?

By Martha L Shaw – © 8-22-2013

stone wall


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