Freedom Found

July 3, 2015

I see the bird which flies above

but that eagle is not me.

For my freedom only came

upon my surrender to Thee.

By Martha L Shaw – ©  7–3-2015


Thank You All

July 2, 2015

Memories of You

July 2, 2015
By Martha L Shaw – ©2015

By Martha L Shaw – ©2015

Open Up

July 2, 2015


So long have I sought you in vain

when you were here all along.

I simply open the window

and feel your gentle breeze

and I am transformed.

By Martha L Shaw – ©  7–2-2015

what a view

Quiet Time

July 1, 2015

I sit in silence

as a gentle breeze refreshes me

and brings me new life.

Your love’s quiet strength

restores me like none other.

I am yours.

By Martha L Shaw – ©  7–1-2015

holding hands


June 30, 2015

Soar like the eagles!

Ultimate meaning of love.

Beautiful freedom!

By Martha L Shaw – ©  6–29-2015

freedom thoughts

Spread the Word

June 29, 2015

How truly sad it is to realize

that for generations we have fought and fought and fought

for all the wrong things

when all that is truly worth dying for

has always been freely given.

By Martha L Shaw – ©  6–29-2015



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