July 30, 2015

The happy little dandelion

growing in the field

smiled toward heaven

all the while.

No one ever said

“you’re just a weed”

so he had no doubt

that he was loved.


there is a lesson

here for me?

by Martha L Shaw ©  7-29-2015


A Morning Prayer

July 29, 2015


The sun still shines

when I stare only at the clouds.

The difference is

that when I do this

I close the blinds in my soul

to its rays.

Lord, help me not to do this!

by Martha L Shaw ©  7-29-2015

freedom thoughts


July 28, 2015

A pot filled with weeds

oh so bravely faced the sun

and a rose appeared

By Martha L Shaw – ©  7-28-2015 Words and image

rose on deck


July 27, 2015

me in garden 1963

If I could be her again, how much would change?

Can I try it for a day?

So much she can teach me!

His Eternal Love

July 27, 2015

Originally posted on Where Words Daily Come Alive:

The soft tones of the
whisper awakened his
soul, unlocking the
seal of an inner tomb

It’s vibrations found
an inner pond of placid
emotions laying dormant
causing them to rise and

Their life’s dance began
as emotions leaped high
searching for the gentle
soft tones beginnings

Rising upward upon that
glorious path which leads
to the tender bliss tasting
of God’s sweet heaven

And they found a young
heart as it began beating
anew, for through clear
eyes were revealed a truth

As they all beheld what
caused The feelings of
love to rise, For they
realized he opened his
eyes to You.

November 1976

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Put on your shoes!

July 27, 2015

Everybody says, at some point “if only I had the talent to be . . .” a writer, a dancer, a singer, a chef. . . . lay aside the award you covet and pick up the pen, the spoon, the sheet music . . . put on the shoes! You can only be a dancer IF YOU DANCE! – Martha L Shaw​


My Words Belong To You

July 27, 2015

Originally posted on Where Words Daily Come Alive:

The words may fall down from my lips
But my Lord they belong to only you
For what I now am was given to me
For You placed them in my heart it’s true

Some may say that I possibly write well
And that the words do touch their souls
But if they could see deep within my heart
Then they would easily come to know

That the gift I have can be theirs also
If they could only taste the love within
Each tender moment they would treasure
So each day a piece of heaven will begin

For though it may seem I wrote the words
That fall down from my heart each day
Its only true Lord, that because of you
The words are complete in every way.

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