The Gift of Sadness

 “For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.”  Psalm 30:5   NIV

 A friend mentioned that while grocery shopping, he suddenly felt a need to cry.  He felt a great sadness in his heart and yet the tears would not come.  Emotions – we all have them.  My friend’s feelings reminded me of my own emotions which can bring about a feeling of sadness.  I do not always know why the sadness has come to me when it seemed that “everything was fine.”  I prayed about this and was reminded of the command to bear one another’s burdens.  We do not always know why the Lord asks us to do certain things, yet we proceed in faith and trust.  Perhaps when sudden sadness comes to me, I am being asked to help carry the burden of another?  Yes, I believe that when this feeling comes over me that perhaps somewhere there is an individual who is feeling unable to go on and weighed down to the breaking point.  I believe a brief period of unexplained sadness in my heart means that I may be carrying some of his load for him.   As followers of Christ we are called to reflect His glory to those in dark places.  This is a blessing to us and is both amazing and humbling.  We need to keep this in mind when we experience emotions.  We do not always know when a smile, a casual greeting, an act of patience or kindness or even a tear maybe be a blessing to others at a time when they really need it.  We will not always be aware of how our actions bless others, but we should always pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us and give us wisdom and trust to follow where we are led.  As the Psalmist wrote, “weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.”  God is good!


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