Quilting and the Holy Spirit

My precious Godchild was heading out of the country for her next college semester, and asked me to make her a quilt which she could bring with her.  I excitedly got to work on it and of course I wanted it perfect and it’s a really challenging pattern, although I love the technique I was going to be using  – and quilting is  so much fun for me even with all the work involved.  Here are the steps involved:

  • select a main objective – the “focus”
  • choose materials to support the main objective
  • very carefully work with these, cutting and adjusting and perfecting
  • move forward without really knowing exactly what the end result will truly look like
  • sometimes the way is very very slow and fussy
  • sometimes you screw up and can’t change it or fix it
  • when the pieces are finally assembled the mistakes no longer matter
  • the end result is more beautiful than I could imagine

This, about this quilt technique, is quite true.  It’s a sort of pinwheel meets kaleidoscope in design and you really don’t know exactly what the end result will entirely look like – it’s impossible to know for sure until you complete it.  I’m a very visual person and if there was a way to predict, I’ve have found it.  If you screw up at any point, you have to keep going and try not to be distracted by your mistakes – unlike most quilt patterns which allow for seam rippers and do-overs, with this one you really just go on.  To create the scene, I had pieces all cut and spread out all over and was working on getting them into the positions they’d be stitched together into to form the blocks for the quilt. I realized at this point that even though this particular technique is one I’d done twice before, the end results always surprise me and are always far better than what I had envisioned.  What a great designer came up with this!

This got me to thinking.  It’s really very much like our life with the Holy Spirit guiding us, don’t you think?  God’s grace takes our bits and pieces and mistakes and when we trust Him and keep working at it, transforms these bits and pieces and us into something more than we can ever have envisioned!  God’s plan for our lives is always perfect and our brokenness and human failures are transformed and redeemed with the end result being a reflection of His glory to the world!   Wow!

2 Responses to Quilting and the Holy Spirit

  1. Great post, Martha! I love how God weaves a beautiful creation through the tattered areas of our lives.

    Blessings to you!


    • Thanks, Lisa! Love it! This post was in my personal journal and came to me as I was working on the quilt. Had no thought of writing anything, although I am in the middle of writing a book of Inspirational Christian poetry and scripture meditations which are very much inspired by the Holy Spirit so . . . as I looked at the bits and pieces of the quilt, I suddenly knew in my heart that there was something I needed to write down even though the words were in my heart but not my intellect yet. When I sat at the computer, this came to me! How amazing it is that the Lord can use our broken pieces and imperfectness and for His glory! So amazing and humbling but brings such joy! Thanks for reading my post and especially for commenting!


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