“I Just Wanted God to Bless You!”

I took Mom out to dinner tonight.  I felt like celebrating my new job and a local Chinese place is high on her list of favorite places, so off we went.  We ate, we laughed, we enjoyed our time together, and as we finished our meal suddenly a voice said “excuse me” and I looked up to see a young man in a military uniform standing beside my table.  He was a stranger to me.  As soon as I acknowledged him he handed me a paid receipt and said “I have just paid your bill.  I just wanted God to bless you.”   Wow!  He sure succeeded in making me feel blessed!   Not only that, actually, because he also inspired me and got me thinking.  We are the light of Christ in this world, as Christians, and what better way to do this than to make a random act of kindness to a stranger as this young man did!  While we may not all be able to pick up the tab for the strangers at the next table in a restaurant, there sure are other ways.  Examples:

  • In the grocery isle, you see a young mother with a crying child and perhaps wish you didn’t need anything in that section?  Replace your frown with a kind smile to the mother.  I am sure it will bless her.
  • Get cut off by a “jerk” on the highway?  Instead of letting out a word or two that you Mom wouldn’t like, try praying for that individual’s safe arrival at his/her destination, and the safety of others on the road.  Many will be blessed.
  • See a parking meter on “violation” and the car not yet with a ticket?  Pop a quarter in!  Someone will be blessed.
  • See an impatient person rushing to the checkout?  Let them go in line ahead of you.  They’ll be blessed.
  • See someone sitting alone in church?  Ask if you may sit with them.  They’ll be blessed!
  • See a stranger at church, at a meeting, or in the employee lunchroom?  Introduce yoruself and make them feel welcome.  They’ll be blessed.

There are so many simple things we can do to share God’s blessing with others.  When  you do this, you will find that you too are blessed!  When someone does a kindness to you in this way, please remember to say thank you twice!  Once to them, and once to God who placed it in their heart!  I believe if you become aware of simple blessings like this, you will be amazed at how many  you receive in a day – and perhaps have received many other times without noticing!  God bless you all!

7 Responses to “I Just Wanted God to Bless You!”

  1. I needed this message today. Thank you!


    • You are very welcome! Thank you so much for reading my blog today!


    • I almost didn’t write it, but the Lord wouldn’t let me keep it to myself. I’m so glad I shared it. I woke up with worries and when I suddenly recalled the young man and what he said and did, I was able to surrender my worries to the Lord. Wow, I wonder if he knows how he blessed me. Thing is, we don’t know what an impact we have on folks, bad or good, so turning a negative around and making it a positive can be a huge blessing!


  2. seahall says:

    What a wonderful reminder. I have found that I am often the one blessed when doing acts of random kindness. I will look for ways today! 🙂 Thank you Martha!


    • Thank you for reading my post and for saying that! I am reminded of a situation prompted by a book study group at church last year and I will have to write it up for the blog. It, for me, very much expresses what you are sharing here!


  3. chris says:

    Thanks for all the great reminders, Martha!


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