A Brief Reminder – Always Pray


Okay, this is really a reminder to me, but maybe someone out there is experiencing a similar bit of human weakness just now, so I’m sharing this with you and sending along with these words a caring hug.  For you see, the last day or two has found me feeling a bit off, discouraged, sad.  Nothing in my life has dramatically changed, mind you.  Is that why I feel this way?  It is hormones?  Is it the weather?  Who knows if these things are part of it or not, but as I sat and had some quiet time just now, it came to me that I’ve not had much “time” for that in the last couple of days . . . so I prayed for the Holy Spirit to fill me and guard and guide me and I found myself reading these words from the Gospel of Luke 18: 1 where I was reminded “I always pray.  I don’t faint, quit, or give up.”  Wow.  So, did I mention what we all know but somehow need to be reminded of?  He always answers prayer and that quote was proof of it!  I asked and He answered IMMEDIATELY.  Praise the name of the Lord!   As I reflected on this, I realized that  the tightness I’d felt off and on for a day or two was suddenly a bit less and then I found these words from John 16:24 “I ask and receive and my joy is made full.”  Thank you,  Lord.

6 Responses to A Brief Reminder – Always Pray

  1. seahall says:

    I believe we are living parallel lives. I too have found days of discouragement brought on by a schedule that has stolen my time with God and kept me so exhausted my prayer time has been short. I will pray for you, please pray for me. 🙂


    • Thank you. I feel a connection with you and believe we’ve been brought together by the Lord to support one another. I will pray for you and thank you for your prayers and kind words!


  2. beegraziani says:

    You show great courage in revealing your suffering and I will pray for you! The Book of Job has a wonderful passage you can cling to while feeling down: Job 23:10 “But He knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold…”
    (continue through verse 12) Imagine that…You will come forth as gold! Have faith and may God bless you.


    • Thank you so much. Life has it’s hurts and challenges but I know in my heart that all works together for His purpose. I know that He is preparing me for His work. He’s been inspiring me to write and I have completed one manuscript and have another halfway to completion. I am not certain of the future, but I know that when I focus on Him, I am on the right path. I don’t feel like it’s really a choice to share what I do. He wants me to and I try to be obedient. I denied this calling for a long time and kept “busy” with other things, but when we pray for Him to lead us, show us, make us hear Him – HE DOES!


  3. Nicely done! You touched right on it…We need always to pray…pray without ceasing!


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