Jesus and Teddy Roosevelt

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
     —  Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt was onto something!  Hmmm . . . Was Teddy thinking of me when he said those words?  No, while family folklore may lay claim to our being related, he couldn’t possibly have been thinking of me.  However, I find those words packed with practical information and wisdom.  How often have we heard (or said) “but what can I do?”  However, in Christ, we have all we need.  He equips us for the work He has for us.  He places us where He wants and needs us to be.  He speaks to us, holds us close and hugs us while surrounding us with His grace and blessings.  He desires to make our burdens light, if we’re willing to hand them over to Him.  He leads us in all we are called to do.  Popular magazines may try to make me feel like I lack much, but in Christ I lack nothing!  As I see it, Jesus and Teddy Roosevelt are telling us the same thing! 

Yes, Lord.  I’m listening and I’m ready to serve!  Lead on!

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7 Responses to Jesus and Teddy Roosevelt

  1. itsnotaboutu says:

    Interesting post,

    Read my blog, another Christian perspective 🙂


  2. Short and sweet! Excellent. It’s good to be reminded that I can do things to serve Him…May I never miss an opportunity.


  3. John says:

    This reminds me of what my father and grandfather used to say:”I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got!”
    Good post, Martha.


    • Thank you John. He uses everything for His purposes – the pretty and the ugly parts. Example, life can seem pretty darned good in the way this world values things, and yet deep within us, we can still feel that empty place because we’ve not given Him our hearts. Alternately, we can give Him our hearts and suddenly find out how simply amazing life in Him can be and of how little value those “things” are . . . it’s important to reflect the light of Christ in everything we do and to know that He will put us where He needs us and will sustain us.


  4. Wow, sprained my leg in two places the day I later wrote this and by the quality of my proofreading skills and typing skills, am thinking posting while in pain is not a good thing for me. Hmmm . . might also be the pain meds causing sleepy and dopey issues . . . sorry folks. Hopefully I’ve fixed all the “oh, no! That’s not what I meant to type” issues.


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