Life Changing Words

Words.  They are powerful.  Do you realize how much power they possess?  They literally give life and light in our darkness and they can also rob us of life.  When God created the world, He said “let there be light”   and there was light.  Since He gave us His only Son in order to save us, and since His Holy Spirit lives in us, that means our words, through Him, have that same incredible power.  We can give life.  We can effect a powerful change.  It takes so very little.  Someone just changed mine by saying ”I love you” and had no idea how badly I needed to hear it at that precise moment. 

Change a life for the betterUse your words! 


2 Responses to Life Changing Words

  1. beegraziani says:

    You are so right…thank you so much for your thoughts! Hope you are having a wonderful day.
    Bee well and God bless you…


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