Perspective: Sonshine Versus Sunshine

So, I’m thinking that there’s Sonshine and sunshine. Both leave me breathless, and make me hot and sweaty, and lead to an intense desire to curl up and rest in the experience. Thing is, one makes me then fall asleep while the other has my soul dancing and my face almost hurting from the smile that just won’t go away and leaves me torn between the desire to curl up with Him or run out and tell the whole world because this is too great to keep to myself! It’s been an amazing day! You know what else? He has a purpose for me and I am starting catch on – it’s has everything to do with how I feel right now. The fog is starting to clear, the purpose is starting to show itself, now to just get a handle on the execution of the plan! I am, however, walking in darkness but heading toward the light! Interesting thing, too, is that as I stumble along on the path, it becomes more and more apparent that I have an inner source of light and sharing it makes it shine brighter!  I don’t have to journey alone, either.  Anybody want to come?  Oh, how He loves me – know what else?  He feels the same way about you!

2 Responses to Perspective: Sonshine Versus Sunshine

  1. You are a wonderful inspiration Martha!


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