Kids! It’s Almost Time to Go!

I’m tired but smiling. Today was the “final” day to set up everything for our Vacation Bible School.   It was  crazy at church today and yes I admit a little less crazy would have been okay with me, but blessings abound like two little 6 year olds crying because “I told you we should have gotten here earlier Mom” having arrived too late to do things to help.  A fifteen year old girl who doesn’t attend our church was the second helper to arrive this morning and spent all day helping in every possible way.  As I mentioned in a previous post, her teacher in the local High School is a member of the parish and this lovely young girl found out about our VBS and wanted to help and has worked so hard for us and has been a joy to be with.  Again, she took on any task needed and quietly sang praise songs and worked away.  If I had a daughter, I’d be so happy if she was like this young girl.  

 One little boy who came to help today and who is maybe 4 has a learning disability – something in his brain, his mom said, causes him trouble.  He is just the cutest and has a bright smile that would melt your heart.  I suggested the kids (who were a bit bored) might like to lay out some small “surf boards” cut out of cardboard boxes onto drop cloths and just paint like crazy anyway they like?  His Mom was worried he’d be sure to mess up, but I assured her he couldn’t as surf boards could be painted any way he liked and would still be amazing and able to be used to decorate.  He did 2 of them and loved it.  Loved getting to wear a smock and crawl about the floor picking colors and he never mentioned a word about thinking he’d messed up.  It blessed me to see how happy he was.  At one point as he covered “everything up” with blue paint, he looked at me told me what he’d done and I replied “oh, that’s one of my favorite colors” and he then asked which the others were and we chatted about geckos and all my favorite colors. 

 It was a long day and at one point I did sneak off for a quiet walk in the hot sunny yard  to just be still for a a couple of minutes, but honestly it was the adults I was dodging and not the children.  One adult who was . . . well, I needed to walk away from for a minute I admit, came out and hugged me.  I told her simply “oh, I had a phone call on my cell.”  I think she believed me.   She has a good heart and wanted to help though wasn’t sure how to do that and wanted everything to be just so . . .  You know, there might be tape in funky places and things might not  be put back exactly as they should be, but regardless of what anyone on this side of heaven might think, Jesus loves the children and He doesn’t mind the disarray a bit.  I’m certain of it.  Come Monday morning when about 80-100 children race in all smiles and laughter for our week long VBS, He’ll be right there with them and will be smiling and laughing with them, and so will I.

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  1. This is so perfect! What a blessing you had today…Hope your VBS goes as well!


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