It’s All About Jesus!

 Okay, I was feeling down a moment ago and was having trouble praying about it.  Someone said things that were very hurtful – a troubled person, and I was the one she could let go of this with.  It wasn’t about me.  She needed to blame somebody for how she felt about herself, but regardless of that, it still hurt.   Sometimes when we hurt, coming up with words to pray for healing of the pain is hard and the best I can come up with is “Lord, help me” but I shot off an email to a prayer partner. 

The Lord works fast.  He just reminded me of what an amazing day the rest of it was.  Maybe you need a smile as much as I did.  This reminder that the Lord placed on my heart brought me back my joy.  Today was day 3 of our Vacation Bible School.  It’s an annual event which is prepared for all year and intensely worked on the week before.  We are also, here in Charleston SC having weather in the 100s and humid.  Weeee!  Even the children feel it.  So, imagine what a blessing it was to find a group of 91 children ranging in age from 3-10 singing at the top of their small lungs about loving Jesus.  They danced, they did hand motions, they brought CDs home to sing the songs at home with their families.  Some of those kids who just two days ago were shy and scared now ask to go to bed early so tomorrow will come faster and they can come back to VBS.  They don’t seem anxious to leave VBS and go home either.  The clearest and most exciting thing to see is that they love Jesus and they know Him and know He loves them.  We are called to have a childlike faith.  I’m glad to be part of the “leadership” of our VBS.  I’m learning a lot from those children!

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  1. It’s always helpful to remember that “hurting people hurt people.” So glad Jesus brought you close to him through the little children. 🙂


  2. Barbee says:

    I love how the children took your hurt away, and hopefully you forgot about the hurtful comments you endured earlier in the day.
    I used to have a friend that was unhappy, and dumped her spite all over me, until I decided I had enough, and ended the relationship. I’m not saying you should do this because I don’t know the type of relationship that person has with you, but I am letting you know I understand how painful it is. Saying a prayer for you! God bless 🙂


    • Thanks. It’s not a relationship I can end. I came home to getting an unfair guilt trip on me this time and not the other stuff. Sad and hurting, but I know it’s not really me that’s the issue. I’m just the one that is there to unload on. I’m in a tough spot with no income and following a puzzling path the Lord has me on, so I’m a bit too vulnerable for hurt and guilt. I appreciate the prayers. Very much. Moving on with my life and finding His work for me does bless me though and I am learning to lay aside the things that distract me. I can’t change others – only myself. Others can try to hurt us, but I guess as simple as it sounds (and it isn’t simple) we really don’t “have to” let them. The VBS is such a blessing. Tomorrow is the last day and tomorrow night is a big pot luck dinner and music and kids performing prayers, dancing and singing and showing all things they learned all week. Lots’ of excitement in old and young alike. It’s so wonderful to see the kids so in love with the lord.


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