Song of the Day Sunday 7-17-11

Today was an amazing and life changing day for me.  The Holy Spirit has never ever swept me away like today!  So, today’s song I wish to share with you, via YouTube is one click away:  I Can Only Imagine


2 Responses to Song of the Day Sunday 7-17-11

  1. maryaquino says:

    Funny story – one of my favorite Christian bands is Casting Crowns. I’ve been blessed to see them 3 times in Charleston. The second time, Mark Hall (who has a great sense of humor) came out and introduced himself and the band. He then went on to say, “We are not Mercy Me…” and one of the band members started playing, “I Can Only Imagine”…to which Mark sang, “It ain’t gonna happen…” (sung to the tune of I Can Only Imagine)

    It was cute. Maybe loses something “on paper”…


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