Behind the Firewall (via KeziahCarrie)

What an amazing testimony to God’s love and provision and to trusting Him and shining His light no matter what the circumstances seem to be. This story cannot help but encourage anyone who reads it!

Behind the Firewall Job 29:24 “When I smiled at them, they scarcely believed it; the light of my face was precious to them.”              When you pray for God’s provision, you can’t always predict how He might provide.  I am partial to those times when money just unexpectedly shows up in the mail.  But as soon as I start counting on that happening again, of course, it doesn't.  If I am still able to muster up the smallest measure of faith, I eventually find that I … Read More

via KeziahCarrie

2 Responses to Behind the Firewall (via KeziahCarrie)

  1. Alan MacKillop says:

    This is truly inspirational! What a story of Grac and Faith!Alan


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