Catching up…where was I when we last talked? (via Mary’s Blog)

Are you a bread lover?  No, not that mush from the grocery store that’s so full of chemicals that it will outlast all of us and has no flavor, no texture . . . well my friend Mary’s blog and bread are for you! Recipes and photographs . . . be careful not to drool!

Catching up...where was I when we last talked? So, since I returned from Cursillo, I’ve been missing in action a lot because of a PC issue – my hard drive crashed!  And well, it all worked out for the best, however it was not fun while I was going through it.  Crossing my fingers that this hard drive is in it for the long haul. I’m overly excited about Dell’s technical support.  A little confused by their billing department, but overall, pleased with them.  Every time I spoke with someone at … Read More

via Mary’s Blog


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