Longfellow Had It Backward!

Give what you have. To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow –


My life seems to be the sort that causes people to assume I need free advice and I’m often reminded that sometimes free advice is worth what you pay for it.  Not always, I assure you, but often . . . so there’s the Longfellow quote.   He urges us to look at our blessings for the very blessings that they are and this quote reminds me of Mom speaking of “starving children” elsewhere when I reacted with disdain at having been served canned peas.  Didn’t like them and still I do not like canned peas.  But this isn’t about canned peas.  This is also not about Longfellow, whom I admire, nor is it about unappreciated blessings in my life.  It’s about attitude.


You see, I can indeed see many blessings in my life.  The Lord has touched my heart in amazing ways.  I feel so thankful for this.  There is a gaping hole still not patched up which makes me sometimes wonder and even tremble.  Still, His hand is so much upon me in so many ways I know He’s with me.  He adds sparkle to my world just to make me smile and so I know He’s not going to forsake me when it comes to the “big” thing that’s still an unmet need.  Like all the self-proclaimed experts who throw cold water on my faith and point out obvious (to them) flaws in it, I also know there’s a question of “but how are you going to manage” and yet the answer in my heart, my soul and yes even my mind is always “He is in control.” 


As to the quote above, I am in favor of sharing blessings, and not because I do not appreciate them and thus wish to hand them off, but because I know how valuable they are and wish to spread them around.  If you are my friend and you really know and care about me, pray for me.  Pray with me.  Don’t try to rob me of my faith.  I will share it, but I will not abandon it.   It’s far too important to me.  It’s something I’m willing to die for.

2 Responses to Longfellow Had It Backward!

  1. You hang in there sister. God has a plan for you!


    • Thanks. I believe it. He has shown me and told me “enough” and there’s been confirmation, so when the evil one tries to knock me off course I need to hold fast to what I believe. Being human . . . .


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