Publishing Announcement!

I am excited to announce that I am now writing and publishing on  Keep a watch on that site for publications available for download there!

More great news!  I have written two small inspirational booklets which are in the hands of the printer right now!  More details coming soon!  Watch this blog for new details!


8 Responses to Publishing Announcement!

  1. Chris says:

    Congrats Martha!


    • Thanks! I’m self publishing these and looking at other option both self and otherwise. The Lord is leading me in the direction I am going in and I’m trusting and following. If I’m not correct on the self publishing route, He will redeem me and lead me to a publisher and agent who will read manuscripts of writers who are not yet “well known” which to this point has been a challenge for me to find. I’m excited about taking a step forward!


  2. Outstanding! You’ve been on my mind of late and so I thought to drop by. I’m so happy to hear the news for you. I know that God has many more things like this in-store for you.


    • Oh, thanks both for the thoughts and the kind words. Holidays can toss me off track from the trust since it “feels” like the whole world is off doing fancy things and I cannot, but when I stop and breath, I realize He is witin me and His breath is sustaining me. The publishing projects are a self publishing effort but those who’ve had a peek are reacting well, so perhaps the little voice I heard really was not my own in doing this! Either way, He’ll redeem my efforts! Again, thank you and Merry Christmas!


      • Rebecca says:

        You’re most welcome and Merry Christmas to you too! As for the whole word doing fancy things, don’t feel alone – I’m not doing anything fancy at all. No gifts (haven’t done that in years and years), no dinner or visiting. I don’t have kids and I see no reason to spend unnecessary amounts of money I don’t have or get stuffed on food I’ll just have to ‘work off’. LOL – I’m celebrating Christmas in my heart and in prayer – after all, Jesus is the reason for the season and that’s all he requires.

        Much love and prayer, Rebecca (S.I.T)


      • He sure is! I really appreciate your kindness and prayers. I’m badly in need of financial provision – and I know He has a plan. This faulty human needs to do what she’s supposed to do and soon, though. I’m also a care giver and provide a home for an elderly parent, so yikes, you know?

        Hugs to you, Rebecca!


  3. That’s wonderful news! Congratulations! What a blessing!


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