How To Make a New Crocheted or Knitted Hat in Minutes!

I had a knit hat that I was tired of.  It was still as fresh looking as the day it was originally made but I never chose to wear it.  I took just a tiny bit of yarn and a couple of minutes and quickly added a touch of style ot the hat and felt like I had a brand new one.  This technique can work well for new knitters or crocheters, and also can be used to update and personalize a store bought knit hat. 

I picked up a smal skein of fancy sparkly “fur” yarn – the smallest skein they sold was more than enough.  Using a small crochet hook – size F worked for me, I simply added a single row of single crochet stitches around the edge of the hat.  That’s all.  Now the hat has a subtle yet fresh touch of style to it that made an old hat “new” to me. 

Another suggestion?  Search your pin collection.  You may just find, as I did, a costume jewelry piece that when attached to the hat will give it a fun new look! 

Try it!




2 Responses to How To Make a New Crocheted or Knitted Hat in Minutes!

  1. TrishaDM says:

    I love the one with the rainbow strip! Fun!


    • Thanks. it’s clearly the more wild of the two. The pin on the black one was hand painted in Africa and bought in a gallery shop and why I bought it and never wore it, I cannot guess. IRL that hat “pops” now. It has sparkly fur around the edge like the rainbow on the other, but the photo doesn’t show well. I love quick fixes like changing buttons on a jacket . . . other simple things that punch up “old” and make it “new.” Very green approach to life, too.


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