Even A Snake Has a Heart!

Learn to love a snake! I can happen. Read this. You’ll love it.

4 Responses to Even A Snake Has a Heart!

  1. Brush Arbors says:

    Thank you so much for the re-blog…. Many blessings.. Bro Pat..


  2. Caddo Veil says:

    Wow, Martha! This was better than I expected, and I needed to hear it!! Thanks so much for sharing. I apologize for my tardiness in getting over to see you–and as the hour is late, I’d like to come back when I’m more awake.

    Also, I feel bad for leaving you off my list of nominees! As I don’t know you at all yet, I wasn’t sure what your stand on awards might be. I wonder if you’d mind me offering you the award here and now? Rather than making me go back in and edit the post–do I sound lazy?

    I’d love to include you, so here you go: The Reader Appreciation Award to my new sister, from yours–the one and only, Caddo Veil!! Don’t worry about all the “rule” work if you don’t want to–just come over and grab the Sunflower, and be Blessed!


  3. I thank you so much, my new sister! No lazy is not as word I’d use. lol I happily accept and feel the awards are a blessing and the work involved is a lovely way to spread the joy of the Lord and to meet new friends and find new sisters and brothers in the Lord so I’m happy to receive! I’ve got a couple of acceptances that I’m working on now and this one will be out there soon! Thanks and blessings to you@\! Martha


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