Kisses From God

Luther Burbank: “Flowers always make people better,

 happier, and more helpful: they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul.”

I like this quote because it states something I have come to believe but in a different way. 

I believe that

God created flowers

solely for the purpose of making us smile, feel warm,

and know that we are loved. 

They represent God’s kisses to me. 


6 Responses to Kisses From God

  1. Freedomborn says:

    So very True Martha it was in Creating Flower Power Points for my friends that I came to realise how Awesome God is I had no idea before the incredible variety there was in just God’s creation of flowers, they are indeed a wonderful blessing and soft and gentle kisses from our God of Love and some you can even eat.

    If you tell me what your favourite flower is I may have a power point I can post for you.

    Christian Love Anne


    • Thanks, that’s a hard one to answer. As hard as choosing a fav color . . . for He made all things well and beautiful. However, if I must select one it would have to be a sunflower. They ALWAYS make me smile and in fact to me they are the image of God’s own smile.


  2. Freedomborn says:

    Hi Martha, so True, if someone asked me I would agree they are all so beautiful even some weeds how can I choose. I’m sorry as yet I have not created a Sunflower Power point but I will as I promised someone else also ..right now I have much to do but I will write a note so I don’t forget, do you have a tem E-mail address that I can send another Power point that you may like, my Temp e-mail address is …

    Christian Love Anne


    • lol Funny you should say that about weeds because I have some funky purple “flowers” in my front yard and I suspect they are weeds, but will not remove them because I like them. lol I had some back in MA which were poison and didn’t pull them either – just told folks to “look with your eyes and not your fingers.” lol Not sure what you mean by temp email but I have a web based one if that’s what you mean.


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