Saint of the Day – February 1

The saint we celebrate with a feast day on February 1 is St Brigid of Ireland!  Even though she was a slave and the daughter of a slave, she was putting her life at risk serving the Lord.  Working on a dairy farm, she gave the products of her labor away to the poor, must to the anger of her owner.  She was eventually freed, though, and was then able to completely devote her life to God. 

Credited with starting the first of Ireland’s convents, she taught women to serve the poor.  She is said to have also founded the first double monastery which was a place for prayer for both nuns and monks.  Brigid is known as the patron saint of scholars. 


6 Responses to Saint of the Day – February 1

  1. sonsothunder says:

    Powerful anointing…Bless You



  2. Caddo Veil says:

    Wow, I didn’t know that!


    • I didn’t either. I research feasts and saints I was unfamiliar with because I love finding out new things like this and they are so inspiring!


      • Caddo Veil says:

        Hey Martha–I remembered what I was going to mention to you: my cousin, Theresa (in Houston, TX) is a devout Catholic (pretty “old school”, I think) and on Thursday mornings she goes to “Adoration” at her church. Are you familiar with that? I had not heard of it, other than through her. She really benefits from it each week, in addition to attending Mass, etc. God has used her in such a powerful way in my life, praying me through some really tough years–listening to me cry and complain–and now she gets to celebrate the joyful victory in my life! She says “it was worth it, to hear you laugh so much and talk about God the way you do now”. If you haven’t read it, and are interested, I wrote a birthday poem for her and posted it on my blog–“For Saint Theresa”. She likes to think she’s a “saint”–but she’s just joking, she’s very humble really! When I told her that a couple gals online had called me “St Caddo”–she said she didn’t think she wanted to share the “saint” title with me! We’re always “cutting up”, as they say down south–when we’re not talking about how Good God is to us!! Oops–guess I got carried away talking (Theresa says I can talk a fence post out of the ground!)..God bless you! Love, Caddy


      • I’m not familiar with that. I’m Anglican/Episcopal but went to Catholic school. Sounds like a lovely saint you have there. You can chat on as long as you like Dear St Caddy. Hugs, Me


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