If you do not believe in the healing power of prayer and in miracles, read this and praise God.

Apples Of Gold

I just got back from seeing Wendy.  She loved the bow I made her.  First words out of her mouth were “God! Am I glad to see you!.” She is sooo much better.  The doctor is going to do a heart cath on her this afternoon and have a better look at her heart.  He mentioned something about possibly having to put a defibulator/pacemaker in her.  But other than that, she is going to be ok.  I am praying they send her closer to me for rehab.  Gas is now $3.80 a gallon here! What a time for the rich oil companies to start getting greedy!

I am exhausted for some reason.  Today I really seem to be feeling the fatigue from all the stress and driving.  To top things off, my brake light is on in my car and I just do not have the money right now to…

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  1. Caddo Veil says:

    Hi Martha! Praise God–He never runs out of miracles!!


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