Devotionals For People Who WANT MORE!

Okay, today is decision day.  It is.  I kid you not.

So, what decision . . .

Did I propose to a man?  No, but it’s tempting . . .

Did i win an election?  No, but given who is running, maybe you’d like me to?

So, what decision you ask?

Okay, the decision is that I’m going to write a book of devotionals.  The Lord’s been nudging me and I’ve been giving Him the “I’m listening” but actions speak louder than words, sorry. 

I have felt like “I can’t make money doing that . . . ”

None of those editors want someone like me . . .

I can’t self publish . . .

Mainstream publishers aren’t all that interested in Jesus . . .

How can this possibly work?????

Okay, He gave me skills to write, but someone needs to read the manuscript!!!!!!

Know what?  God is God and Martha is Martha.  So, I am going to do this and if He wants y’all to buy one, He’ll take care of it.  Mine will be different.

How different? 

For one thing, no dates . . .

that way if it’s 2-29, you’ll have one to read a

nd if you get caught up in life and slack off, no guilt laden reminder when you see that your bookmark is still in mid-February and tomorrow’s March. 

If you, like me, have days when you need a little light “kiss” from Jesus to remind you that you can get through the day 0r the morning, or the next 60 minutes, there’ll be a little reflection of Christ and His love in your purse where you can slip to it and find a wee kiss waiting . . .

Yup, that’s it.  I”m doing this . . . and as our dear friend Bob said the other day when he was sharing Wendy’s healing and discovering a call from the Lord in his heart, “If He wants me to do this, I”m not going to let lack of finances and confidence stop me from doing His will.”  Nope, I”m not either, Bob. 

So, stay tuned, keep praying for me, and watch for updates . . . and make room on your nightstand! 




4 Responses to Devotionals For People Who WANT MORE!

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    Martha! I am WAY Excited about this news, Sister!!! Yippee skippee, this is great! And I’m so proud of you for stepping out in faith–regardless of the sneaky doubts you-know-who tosses your way! You write fabulously, you know that–don’t you! But even as I say that, and even as I would Want To buy a copy–I’m going to have to have faith for that! (Low-income means no luxuries) Nonetheless, I fully support you in every other way! Keep me posted. love you, sis Caddy


    • Your prayers and support are worth far more than money. Actually my money is running out and I have no income but for a 2 hour a week teaching job, so am trusting in the Lord in all sorts of ways because I can’t figure a way out so there’s no way I can do anything but follow Him and witness to HIm love and grace. I love doing that, so great. At some point, either money will grown on the tree in my yard or like St Paul, I’ll find a job making tents . . . but regardless, I’ll be singing His praises and writing. I love writing and since His HOly Spirit is my inspiration, how can I fail unless I fail to focus?

      Thanks, dear sister. You shall have an autographed copy for certain.


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