Joyful About NOTHING!

Well, not really. 

Thing is, I used to be fairly happy.  I had it under control.  Life was okay.  Then the Lord planted a seed in me which caused some changes and a lot of last few years have included growing pains.  Sometimes it was and is hard to think of anything but the pains . . .

Know what?  Happiness is totally  conditional  based upon external stimuli.  Joy isn’t.  Life in Him mean walking via His path and seeing with the eyes of my heart  but not my mind.  Wierd.  Scary.  W0nderful.  Changeable. 

There are often times when things do not go as I planned.  There are times I’m saying “Okay, Lord.  I’m confused  so I’m blindly following you.”  Duh!  That is what He wanted all along. 

Know what?  There are days, like today, when nothing happened as I planned and my “to do” list grew rather than shrunk.  Suddenly, in the middle of a crowded grocery store parking lot amid confusion of tired hungry people and bored small children and traffic, the Lord spoke to me in love and filled me with His joy.  My joy has nothing to do with anything at all but for the fact that HE IS. 



4 Responses to Joyful About NOTHING!

  1. I just love this post. Such an encouragement. Keep pressing on 🙂


  2. Caddo Veil says:

    This is terrific, Martha! Someone told me, “Happiness is a feeling/emotion–Joy is a state of mind”. Glad He brought us through another week–today I’m both happy and joyful–and abundantly grateful for His loving Presence, always! God bless you, sister~~sis Caddo


    • God bless you too Sis Caddy! He makes all things work together for our good! I think His joy comes from deep within our soul where He lives and thus external things which get us emotionally disturbed cannot take it from us. Hugs and love, Martha


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