I have been tagged!   What fun!  I have not played tag in years, so I am quite happy to have a reminder of how much I enjoyed it.  Thank you http://rebecaurora.wordpress.com/  for inviting me to join the game and for providing an opportunity to get to know my fellow bloggers better! 

What?  You don’t know of her blog yet?  Oh, you really must read it post-haste!  You don’t know WHAT you’ve been missing.   

Now to get down to business, since as  with awards there are rules for the WordPress tagging, too.

The rules are:

1 Tagged Bloggers should post the rules.

2 Answer the questions the tagger has set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.

3 Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.

4 Let them know you’ve tagged them!

And, here are my 11 questions to answer: 

  1. Favorite song?  On Eagles’ Wings
  2. Favorite movie?  Courageous’
  3. Favorite tv show?  Jeopardy
  4. Favorite book?  TOO MANY TO LIST’
  5. Favorite place to visit ?  South Carolina – so I moved here!
  6. Coffee, tea or soda?  Coffee
  7. Favorite day of the week?  Sunday
  8. Favorite dish?  Spinach Pie
  9. Favorite season?  Spring
  10. Favorite month of 2011? And why?   Januaryattended a retreat which changed my life
  11. Favorite blog to read ???  Again, far too many to listit keeps growing!

Here are the tagged blogs













Questions for you to answer so that we can know you better:

  1. Favorite veggie?
  2. Favorite ice cream flavor?
  3. Favorite flower?
  4. Favorite animal?
  5. Favorite vacation activity?
  6. Chocolate or vanilla?
  7. Favorite day of the week?
  8. Favorite hide out or quiet place?
  9. Guilty pleasure?
  10. Folk Mass or Traditional?
  11. Favorite PJs – silk or flannel?

Now time to notify the tagged blogs…

Tag!  You’re it!!!!

16 Responses to TAGGED!

  1. rebecaurora says:

    thanks for enjoying…blessings !!


  2. Freedomborn says:

    Hi Martha thanks for thinking of me and I happyily accept the Award with the rules but will not be able to put them into affect for awhile as I’m having Hacker problems and finding it hard to leave comments, most times they end up in spam or trash. I also have other awards that I have to complete the rules for, some of them if you haven’t received them I will nominate you for too, I don’t believe there should be any pressure with Award rules or there not from God, we are to encourage others not burden them.

    Thank you again for your kindness Martha, you are a blessing to me and to many others I’m sure, hope to be able to tag soon.

    Christian Love Anne


    • Hi. I haven’t heard much from you and thought it was the hacker situation you’re fighting with. I’ve had a couple of odd things happen, but in my own situation I think it was my own mistake and not the hacker that’s giving folks a hard time, but I’m watching. You should never feel pressured by anything I say, post, comment, email, etc., as it is my hope that in all I do I reflect Him. My warfate issues continue in attacks on me in all sorts of ways and especially in ways like expensive household things breaking beyond repair, etc., but the Lord is amazing and even when i am far from happy He gives me His joy and He enables me to keep going on the path, provides what I have to have, etc., so I am trying to BE at peace and reflect it.

      In His A mazing Love,



      • OH, and Anne, thanks for the awards to look forward to. They truly bless me. Martha


      • Freedomborn says:

        True Martha but we remember Jesus got frustrated and angry but He didn’t sin by holding bitterness and resentment, now I don’t intend to get a whip out like Jesus did in His righteous anger did but I’ll still show God given emotion at being victimised by someone who has a very evil agenda regardless of how they have justified it.

        Well take care and thanks again for the Tag Award – Anne


      • You’re welcome \, Anne!


  3. Caddo Veil says:

    Martha–thanks for thinking of me! Unfortunately, I’ll have to pass on tag games–full plate of writing. I continue to pray re your warfare, and am believing victory is right around the corner–as I type this I have an immediate vision of a huge (like house-sized) gift-wrapped box in your driveway. The paper is bright yellow–sunshine (Son), and there’s a gigantic bow on top. So, I’d say God has quite a blessing in store for you, Sis! Praise His name! God bless your weekend….love, sis Caddy


    • Wow, girl. Thank you. I totally understand your busy schedule and limiting the award and tag type things. Thank you especially for the prayers, blessings and for revealing that vision. The Lord is working on me in a new way and I’m doing my best to focus on Him and one footstep at a time, but I’ve felt for a while now that something big was afloat. Hmmmm . . . His plan is always far better than anything I come up with on my own. How can anyone who knows Him not fall in love? Jesus Hugs to you Sis Caddy!


  4. mtsweat says:

    Thank you, Martha! You are too kind! God bless, good friend.


  5. Hi Martha, thanks so much for asking me to join in 🙂


  6. Freedomborn says:

    Hi Martha, I’m worried about Bob with all he has been through he has now lost his furry friend, this would be very painful for him apart from praying is there something else we can do just so he knows we are here for him. I did phone but no answer, perhaps we could do a Tag Reblog. I will do so for sure, we are all family we are all one when one hurts we all hurt, a little Baby dies, our Loved pet differant yes, but both painful and material possession can’t replace either.

    Christian Love Anne


    • You are such a loving and compassionate soul, Anne. It is sad and yes we are all family. He is still in my prayers. The Lord is with us in the tough times, but we also need the others in the body of Christ. You are right, it is still a painful thing. In His Amazing Love, Martha


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