All God’s Creatures Say . . .

We sing of all God’s creatures and His great love for them, yet we take that love for granted.  I am reminded of this great love just now because of a television program I watched while having lunch.  In this program, a small child was crying because a raccoon died.  She was a farm girl and her family tried to nurse the creature back to health and was unable to.  Such scenes and sentiment make us smile and think of the innocence of children.  This time it made me think of so much more. 

You know, I have a friend . . . Katrena.  She is at once both strong and gentle.  Her strength from the Lord is expressed in such an amazing heart for her Lord and she reflects His compassion in her gentleness and love for every one of God’s creatures, human or otherwise.  Katrena would have wanted to save that wounded raccoon just as the young girl on the program on television did.  She, too, would have likely cried when she couldn’t help the poor thing or relieve its pain.  

As I write this, it’s Thursday of Holy Week and my heart, soul, and mind are on my Jesus and His amazing love for us.  His compassion.  His suffering for our sake.  His death – a brutal death – so that we might have eternal life.  I think of this now, but admit that at other times of the year I do not always think of it.  The same compassion which made a little girl cry and which I see in the eyes and in the deeds of my friend Katrena?  That is how Jesus is!  He would have picked up the wild little beast and He would have cried.  Knowing this, please take a moment and ponder, if you will,just  how much you and I are loved? 

Tomorrow, Good Friday, we celebrate that love as we observe His death on a cross for our redemption.  Wow.

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful message!


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