It Is Finished . . . Or Is It?


It is Good Friday. 

 I’m preparing to head to  church and as I write this I’m thinking about things and trying to keep things in perspective, but it’s a dark and rainy day and I’m recalling last night . . . just as the service had ended and the church had been stripped of all the beautiful linens and other sacred things  and left bare and plain something remarkable happened.  At that very moment the storm outdoors magnified and as the sanctuary went dark the loudest clap of thunder and lightning was heard as though to wake us up to all that was to come . . .

I know that Easter will soon be here and that beauty and joy will return SPLENDIDLY, but just now I find I’m focused on death on a rough wooden cross.  I am wondering what they did with it after Jesus was placed in the tomb?  Did they cast lots for it to recycle its wood as they did for His clothing?  It was raw wood and surely stained with His blood . . . “it is finished” He said.  It is finished . . . and yet, it truly had only just begun.

8 Responses to It Is Finished . . . Or Is It?

  1. I’ve never thought of that until this very moment. What did become of the cross? We shall know all one day. Praise God our Lord and Savior is Risen!


  2. Kim says:

    It was a Maundy Thursday service I will never forget…God’s perfect timing as the storm raged on….I imagined Christ in the garden the storm within his heart sweating tears of blood as He was about to be delivered to death so we might have life.


    • Thank you KIm, yes – amazing! It still takes my breath away now just thinking of it. When I went back at 10pm for my “watch with me for an hour” I felt totally ‘SLAMMED’ if you will by the Holy Spirit. There simply is no other way to put it. His presence so strong, the visions so constant that I was physically shaken as well as lifted up spiritually. My heart and soul will never forget that night.


  3. Caddo Veil says:

    Excellent word, Martha–it truly had all “just begun”!! And praise Him for it, thank you Lord! What huge and powerful love. God bless you abundantly today. love, sis Caddy


  4. Freedomborn says:

    Easter is a time of rememberance, a time of thankfulness, a time of Joy…

    Many Blessings Martha to you and your Loved ones.

    Christaian Love – Ron and Anne


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