Silence – Luxury Or Pilgrimage?

A day of silence can be a pilgrimage in itself.

– Hafiz –

If your life is as crazy busy as mine (or even crazier) then you likely think this quote sounds like a dream that would not happen for you, but one you hunger for.  Well, my dear readers, I encourage you to find some time for silence.  My stolen moments of quiet time are so life-giving!  On certain occasions unexpected treats of an hour or so of quiet time come my way, but even just a few short minutes can feed the soul.  It is in these moments of quiet that we find our rest in the Lord and hear His voice!  I used to think I had “too much to do” to set aside time for this pilgrimage, but I have come to realize that I have too much to do  NOT to rest in Him and listen to His voice! 


2 Responses to Silence – Luxury Or Pilgrimage?

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    Excellent word, Sister!! I am almost numb, trying to catch up with the oh-so-temporary blog business, which seems less important each day. And really need to clean house–but am weighing whether the physical exhaustion may be more than the sense of accomplishment! So grateful I can just ask God, “what should I do right this minute?” He is so faithful, even in such little things!! Don’t give up on me–I still have your email to reply to!! God bless you abundantly today, and always. love, sis Caddo


    • I would not ever give up on you. The Lord gave me a sister in Christ to love and be loved by. How could I turn down such a gift? Regarding the catching up and what to do, i can give a very secular example from my old job back in MA before moving here. It was a busy bank and I was the manager. There were days when my staff, dedicated to their jobs and to me, skipped lunch to “get caught up” but I wouldn’t let them. When we do not take the rest we need, nor feed our bodies and souls, we are not effective or efficient in the other things . . . how much more we have to give to Him when we take better care of ourselve. I get so much more done when I take time out for Him . . .


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