Feeling Cranky?

No?  Well I am.  Not just cranky, I am frustrated and earlier I was ready to pounce on the next one to cross me.  Know what?  Christians are not perfect.  God alone is.  We have feelings.  We have “those days” and man oh man when they hit, look out.  Hmmmmmmm . . . or maybe? 

Thing is, while we do have feelings, we do not have to give into them.  We do not have to let them rule us or control us.  We can fight against “those feelings” that come on when we are having “one of those days” and we can get through the day in a Godly way lead by the Holy Spirit. 

Anger makes you smaller, while forgiveness forces you to grow beyond what you are.

 – Cherie Carter-Scott –

I think Scott’s quote says it well.  We are made for more!  So very much more!   We do not have to give in to those human weaknesses and earthly ways.  We are to reflect Him.  So, when those moments or days come along, focus even more closely on Him.  Go off by yourself and pray.  Don’t let temptation break you.  If you do find that you have given in to a bit of human nature, just remember the amazing blessing of forgiveness and turn to Him!  He’s waiting with His arms open wide!



2 Responses to Feeling Cranky?

  1. Great post, as a mother of a toddler and a baby (although he turns 1 in 2 weeks!) I am constantly reminding myself to act in a positive light and stay calm!


    • OH, thank you so much for your supportive and positive comment. I am relieved to report that nobody got their heads bitten off by me today. Wish I could say I always handle this sort of day that well, but we are forgiven, loved, and free! Bless you and that little man of yours.


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