My Jesus!!!!

Okay, you have done it now.  Not naming names, but one of you posted a shout to the Lord post which got me singing one of my favorite praise songs.  Hill Song’s inspiring rendition is available to you, just click here to see, hear, and sing along.

How amazing is it to have Him with us and in us so that when we are having a rough day, our hope is renewed and refreshed and when we’re having a good day, He makes it still greater!  I am having difficulties with an eye ailment which I’ve had many surgical procedures to correct yet still needs healing and so the frustrations were occupying too much of my time just now as I face yet another surgery, and then this song is brought to my by the words and heart the Lord whispered into the ear of one of you, my sisters and brothers in Him.  Thanks so much!  Now, if you are able to, click the link above and sing with me!


10 Responses to My Jesus!!!!

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    Shouting with you, Sister–lovely!!


  2. hodgepodge4thesoul says:

    No…HE’S MY JESUS 😉
    you’re such a blessing, Martha – so glad I read this post 😀


  3. jesusmyjoy says:

    how are you sis..i hope your not upset with me for something..i tried to contact you no reply


    • We seem to have technical difficulties my friend. I have had trouble with my eye sight and have just had surgery again on that and thus have had sight challenges, but was happy to hear from you and replied on my own blog and I thought also on yours. I am so sorry you didn’t receive my messages. I am . . . facing a lot of challenges but feel the Lord’s presence and am praying and trying to obey and follow. I so appreciate your friendship and concern.


      • jesusmyjoy says:

        hi sis..God bless you..i have bad eyes to..the last year they are really acting up..i love you sis..keep fighting the good fight..


      • Thank you. Sending big Jesus hugs your way. I admit that as my human mind sees it, my financial provision needs are really critical (no job) but I am surrendering and know He has a plan. Thanks so much for your love and friendship. Sending the same back to you, Sis.


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