The Blessing of a Broken Heart

Does the title of this piece sound like a contradiction?  It might.  Stay with me though.  On Sunday I heard an amazing sermon preached by a priest I love very much.  His preaching style is uniquely his own and the Lord has used him to touch my heart and to inspire me in ways no other has.  I am so blessed to call him a friend.  So, as I listened to his message on Sunday I heard it in the way the Lord meant for me to hear it, but also as a friend who knows the man delivering it.  It was filled with personal experience which was so important in teaching us, the listeners, what we were to learn, but I knew the personal parts came from deep in his soul and likely made this harder to deliver than some messages. 

We, as writers, know this feeling in our own hearts as we share our own message about the Lord in our blogs and other media.  However, we are often sharing it with a faceless congregation while my priest had to do this directly before many many people, and harder still I believe is displaying his private “stuff” with people he knows and who know him.  He did it well and hearts were changed, I know.  Mine was.  So, why did I title this post the way I did? 

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.


I think Rumi understood.  What made the message received on Sunday so special was it’s authenticity.  My priest and friend ripped his heart wide open and we who heard and saw him preach couldn’t help but see Jesus there.  Rumi got it right.  Our human heart needs to be broken wide open so that His light can enter in AND so that His light  can shine on those He gives us to share our heart with for Him.  Our suffering is nothing compared to His . . . and sharing the grace and blessings He bestows on us never depletes our “stash” as He continually pours them on us in such abundance!  What a blessing our broken heart can be when we let Him take up residence there!

4 Responses to The Blessing of a Broken Heart

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    This is an exceptionally good word, Martha–thank you for sharing it with me. God bless you today. love, sis Caddy


  2. Rebecca says:

    Martha I was thinking of you today and thought to drop by – how blessed I am to have followed my heart. What you’ve written here is so true and so timely. We often wonder why we suffer, forgetting that sometimes our suffering is for the benefit of others. I know this has been true in my life. This word was meant for me. Thank you! God Bless, Love Rebecca.


    • Wow, thank you Rebecca. Your words in this comment touch my heart and soul deeply and inspire me to continue to follow, to love Him, to suffer if I must, and to try my best to be His faithful servant. His love never fails. On Sunday, our church choir sang “Is It i Lord” and that song gets me every time. I have been singing it in my heart all week. Blessings to you, Martha


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