It Is NOT Too Late For YOU!

Okay, some would say I’m “too young” to be thinking of . . . and others that I’m “too old” to be thinking that . . . know what, though?  No matter what your own challenge is, give it to the Lord and surrender yourself fully to Him and your life will change folks.  He will use all of your life experiences and He has a plan for you.  Your age doesn’t matter, nor your gender, your knowledge , nor your bank account balance (for which I’m glad) nor any excuse you can think of.  We tend to make the Lord SMALLER than He is.  No matter what your situation is, He can redeem it.  He desires to pour His grace on and in you and lead you to the amazing life He has for you.  Just ask Him. 

Ever heard of Bill Burnett?   An Archbishop in South Africa, Burnett referred to himself as a practical atheist.  Now, folks he was an ARCHBISHOP and he knew all about the Lord.  He knew his “job” and performed as expected . . . then one day the Holy Spirit filled him and his ministry and his very life changed beyond anything he could have imagined.  He didn’t know what he was missing . . . but he sure found out due to God’s grace. 

We don’t either.  We live lives that are sensible and practical and we tell ourselves it’s “good enough” or even try to convince ourselves we have it “better than most” and yet, where is it written in the Bible that our Lord promised us “good enough?”  Everywhere you look are references to His great love and mercy and to His desire to give more than we can desire or pray for.  What to do?  Give yourself over to Him.  It’s not giving up.  That’s for quitters.  It’s a new beginning and a new heart.  He has riches for you that you can’t even imagine.  Why would you walk away from that?  Have a heart – His.  Don’t settle when you can SOAR! 



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  1. Caddo Veil says:

    Excellent, excellent word, Martha.


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