Greetings friends!  I thank you so much for your faith, your continued prayer support for Mom, Me, and for others I’ve seeked your support for.  The update on Alan reflects some encouragement yet we need to keep those prayers heading up.  This wonderful man of God is suffering from pain in his back, his hip, and his knees daily, often in tummy as well.  A recent blood test and physical find him in good health, yet there seems to be little the medical profession can do to relieve him of the pain which prevents him from leading the life he was anointed to live for Jesus. 

Please pray for his total healing and for him to be placed, if the Lord desires it, in the correct hands for healing should the Lord choose to use medical professionals for His purposes.  Please pray as well for Alan to know the Lord’s hand in this and to feel the Lord’s joy and peace.  Please pray, as well, for his wife Erica since we all know how the struggles of one we love can weigh heavily on us. 

Please pray as well that during this time of healing Alan will continue to be able to serve the Lord in ministry in the ways of the Lord’s own choosing and that Alan will know His hand is upon him. 

Thanks everyone!

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  1. On it the case.

    I’ve nominated you for a “lovely blog award”. You’re such a blessing to me.

    • OH, thank you so much Sister. Life has its low points sometimes and lately it has had a bunch in my world. It is, though, difficult to remain in a low point with so many sisters and brothers in Him whom He has surrounded me with. What a blessing you are!


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