Lord, Why Is This Happening?

Perhaps that title should or could say  “Lord, why is this still happening???”

Changes . . . seasons of the soul do change.  We learn, we grow, new challenges are brought to us, new awakening, new awareness of His love and promises . . . along with the changes come growing pains. Sigh.  Seems many of us are in a time of the current season going out like a lion.  I know I am.  When I am not staring down the many storm clouds, I admit to wanting to hide under the bed until the booms stop, but from that vantage point, I can’t see the light nor can I reflect it. 

For those of you who, like me, are quite aware of your imperfections, and are thrilled or should I say THRILLED AND RELIEVED AND THANKFUL that Jesus loves every weak and dysfunctional part of each one of us AND can still give our life purpose, I offer the following from Joyce Meyer:

“Don’t lose sight of the future God
has for you because you want to
be comfortable right now.”



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