Jesus Changes Hearts and HIPS?

Okay, stay with me, guys!  I heard a wonderful sermon on Sunday on Jesus changing us.   You heard the rumor that people can’t change?  Amazing what the Lord can do when we give our lives to Him!  Let me also interject that if you are in the Charleston SC area and need a church, my church and my priests – Fathers Rick, Chris, and Charlie – will truly bless you.  So, getting back to the point . . . yes, we can change – Jesus is ready to bless us in ways we cannot imagine.  We cannot change ourselves in the ways that are vital to our souls, but He can do all things. 

So, recently several of my articles have spoken of storms in the spiritual lives of many of us.  If we focus too much of our attention on the storms, we can’t see and thus cannot accept the blessings EVEN WHEN THEY ARE RIGHT THERE WITH US.  Sometimes, we are so focused on the storms, that the blessings are being poured over top of us by a loving and protective Lord and we STILL can’t see them. 

Need an illustration?  Okay.  Here’s the deal with the hips.  I do not own a scale.  They are depressing and I threw mine out when I moved to SC from MA.  I am either healthy or not.  The number bums me out, so I’m not looking.  Can’t.  Scale went to the dumpster almost five years ago.  So, that being said, I’ve been wanting forever it seems to lose weight and get in better shape.  I’ve found, to my amazement, that vegetarians are NOT nutty.  Veggies, when you don’t buy them in cans (which I grew up with) have flavor, texture, color, nutrients . . . I actually LIKE them!  Know what else?  Meat?  It’s really not all that great.  Not even talking about the treatment of animals here.  I am finding if faced with burgers or spinach, I get more excited about the spinach!  It’s good!  It tastes better . . . my thoughts on this have little to do with the fact that Bessie the cow is cute, either.  Veggies are good!

So, as I dress in the morning, I have been frowning over the fat lady looking back at me.  Seemed like things should have been different.  Why do I look so bad.  I try.  I do the right thing, a lot of  the time.  I ate the radishes and celery and didn’t miss the potato chips.  Why is the outlook so bleak? 

Took my Mom to a favorite thrift store today.  Mom is having health issues . . . losing her sight and now losing her hearing as well.  This weekly trip to the thrift store raises her spirits.  I love thrift stores and really really appreciate this one for everything is washed, dry cleaned, pressed, polished . . . and still the prices are awesome!  So, as Mom poked about being in no hurry for me to take her home, I wandered about and saw a pair of designer jeans.  Looked at the tag.  Wow.  These are actually new!  They are fashionable.  Wow, it must be nice to be able to wear that current style.  Look, they’re only $3.00.  Wow. 

Suddenly, I HAD to try them on.  Didn’t want to.  I knew that trendy jeans were for other people.  I knew the breaks (low price, etc.) were for other people too.  I knew I could never . . .  I could not walk away from them.  Truthfully, I did walk away last week from this very pair.  Amazingly, nobody bought them yet.  A little voice kept telling me to try them on.  I ignored it.  A voice inside me pointed out that nobody would see . . . I’d be in the fitting room.  No risk of public embarrassment.  Why not take a couple of small steps into the nearby fitting room with those high-end designer jeans? 

I did it.  I DID IT!

Guess what?  Those smaller size and trendy styled jeans?  The ones in a style I could never wear?  Had never in my adult life been able to consider?  They fit!  I walked out of the fitting room with them on.  Yes, into the store where people could see me!  People in the area all looked at me.  I didn’t die.  I didn’t blush.  I smiled.  When you have the ability to wear the close-fitting, stylish jeans, why schlep through life in the baggy butt ugly ones? 

We settle for baggy butt jeans in our spiritual lives too.  Jesus is right there offering us the high-end designer jeans of our soul . . . but we’re used to those baggy butt jeans.  They are comfortable.  Nobody laughs at us.  They keep us warm enough.  We’ve had them a long time and we’re okay with them.  Why try something else?  It might not be . . . .

Know what?  We have the Light of Christ in us.  We are not made to hide our Light under a bushel or in a pair of baggy butt jeans!  We are made to shine that Light!  We were not made to be okay!  We were made to be AMAZING!  Do you want AMAZING?  Give Him your heart . . .  and your hips, too!   He loves you! 


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  1. Caddo Veil says:

    Bless your heart, Martha–congrats!!!


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