Hugs and Kisses From Jesus

I want to thank you all for your continued prayer support.  Those of you far and near lift me up when the storms seem ready to overtake me and praise the Lord with me when I am back on track.  So, I want to share some hugs and kisses . . .

Okay, most of you are too far away to join me for freshly baked cookies, but if you close your eyes maybe you can imagine us sitting down to tea in my diningroom . . . or a big glass of milk and some cookies!

We would have much to talk about!  The Lord has been so very tender and loving and reassuring this last few days!  The storm clouds receded, at least for a time, and He filled me with the most amazing love . . . and wrapped me in His arms where I felt so much peace and felt so cherished! 

In the last day or so my eye sight has improved greatly.  My eye condition is tricky so whether this healing is to be temporary or permanent depends on the Lord’s timing and His plan, but He has made Himself so very present it has almost taken my breath away. 

We can get so involved in the battle when all these storms come that we miss the blessings, but of late I have been so surrounded by loving friends both near and far who are praying for me in this time of challenges physically, provisionally, and vocationally. 

Just yesterday my ability to read was so weak.  Other challenges wore me down some, but two special people came to see me just to encourage me, to talk, to listen, to pray . . . one in the afternoon and one in the evening.  Another put me on the prayer list for his Prayer Group/Bible Study last evening.  I woke up feeling so safe, loved, and “cozy in Jesus’ arms” and He kept reminding me of His love and my hope in Him all day. 

It would take far too long to list all the ways He anointed me with His grace just today alone, but His love is amazing and I invite you to praise Him with me for His abundant love which I have experienced today and I hope that each and everyone of you will take a moment to slow down and notice the ways He is doing the same in your own lives. 

He is always holding us close but like the disciples when they were in their fishing boat during a storm, there He was standing on the water so close by, yet they could only focus on the dreadful waves and angry clouds . . . It simply took a glance at Him to change everything, as we know from that story, but it’s not just a story.  It’s a reality. It can be our reality today.

My eyes are tired now and I don’t know all the details of His plan for me.  Storms come and go, but He is with me in the moment and each and every moment.  Nothing that challenged me today could take that feeling of safety in His arms from me.  I pray you all know that amazing love. 



One Response to Hugs and Kisses From Jesus

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    Martha, you know I have a great imagination, so it’s no difficult trick for me to put myself there with you, gobbling up cookies!! Am continuing my prayers for you, daily–as I do for all my blog family each day/night. God bless you abundantly–love, sis Caddo (and if I’m landing in spam, could you fish me out?)


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