Anger – Is That All We Are About?

I was just looking around on another blog world I also belong to.  I must say, that place is VERY densely populated and yes my blog there gets a lot of hits, but no relationships . . . rarely a comment.  It’s good for the ego, if numbers are all that matters, but it does nothing for the soul. 

I used to focus on numbers and post there a lot but we are called to be in relationship as well as lead those in darkness into the light.  I grew weary of just numbers and nothing more.  I found it hard, even though my researching skills are really good, to find any kindred spirits there.  So, once in a while I pop over and post something, but not much more.  Of course, being a constant blogger is how the game is played, but I am not a game player.  It’s my heart not my head that needs to be in charge.  My head can get me in trouble, but my heart is where Jesus lives . . .  so today after spending time in this amazing WP community, I visited the other one.  It’s been a while since I did anything but pop over and do a quick post.  Guess what I found?

The topics which dominate – the “hot” ones which we are “supposed” to write to “get notice” as writers?  Nothing but anger and negativity.  Sorry guys.  I can’t live my life that way.  I do get occasionally trapped in it but I keep being set free, thank you Jesus.  I was thinking . . . I do want to set those in darkness free, or more appropriately stated, I want to be used by Jesus so that He can do that.  I do not believe this means I have to be all about negativity and anger though.  If it does, I shall forever be a failure . . . I won’t every have a shiny new car, a big fancy house, money in the bank . . . I won’t be in the spotlight, nor the front page of glamorous news journals . . . I will be a failure. 

I won’t be alone though.  I know another failure.  I know Him well.  He always had dirty feet . . . He walked everywhere.  His only friends, true friends, were failures too . . . smelly fishermen, tax collectors, murderer, women who . . . lepers . . . what a life.  He didn’t get away with it, though.  He was hauled into court and hung for His efforts. 



7 Responses to Anger – Is That All We Are About?

  1. Debbie says:

    God bless you Martha, for following Jesus and doing what He lays on your heart. 🙂 You are more than a conqueror with Him, precious and beloved! And we are thankful for you!!


    • Oh, thank you so much Debbie! Your words bless me more than you will ever know! It is my heart’s desire to serve Him and love Him and I pray He’ll show me the way to lay aside my worries and do just that!


  2. Pats Devotions says:

    Thanks for a great article; Many Blessiings sister..Happy 4th.. Bro Pat.


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