Loved By Jesus

Meet Teddi Cha. She’s not perfect but Jesus loves her. She has sparkly bling on her apron top/bib and has a cross tattoo on her little butt. She is a one of a kind original like the one who hand stitched her . . . who is also imperfect but loved by Jesus.

She started out as a pair of unwanted slipper socks, but when you look at your circumstances or your slipper socks in a new way changes happen and things become new and different and perhaps lot better.  In Teddi Cha’s case, turning a slipper sock inside out (as I pondered why anyone would wear the foolish things) made me realize that they were fuzzy inside . . . and the strange white rubbery squiggles on the bottom do not show a bit when you turn life (or socks) inside out and give them another look . . .


4 Responses to Loved By Jesus

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    EXCELLENT, Martha!!!


  2. I just love her bright “coat of many colors”! I bet she is happier as a Teddi Cha than a pair of slippers. 🙂


    • I have never understood why people buy those slipper socks, but since they make good Teddy Bears, I don’t mind as much. I find them brand new at yardsales and such for good prices . . . Thanks, Sis!


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