Grocery Shopping – A Testimony

Give yourself entirely to those around you. Be generous with your blessings. A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.

– Steve Maraboli –

When I was formally baptized in the Holy Spirit, I came home so excited to share my Jesus with the world!  I didn’t have a blog back then, wasn’t employed, and lived in a place full of strangers . . . I stayed home a lot since money needed to last.  Some of those things are still true, but stay with me here, for there’s more. 

You see, I prayed in frustration “Lord, you blessed me and I just want to share this with the world.  I want them to know you, too, but how can I do that now?  I don’t go anywhere but church and grocery shopping!”

He calmed me but I will admit there was no clear message in response.  Shortly afterward, I did have to go to the grocery store.  I will say it’s a chore I never liked.  Nothing to do with money, I just never liked that particular chore.  This time was different. 

I didn’t think to pray for Him to place people in my path for me to reach for Him.  He will if we ask.  He likes it when we do.  I didn’t think of it back then.  He did.  Before I even got in the store, He placed people in my path.  Some were Christians who witnessed to me, and others were folks I found myself speaking to in ways I’d have never done before, but He gave me words and courage and I was able to do this through Him. 

The people I spoke to were complete strangers to me.  They weren’t wearing tee shirts proclaiming their beliefs, nor was I.  It was all Him.  I still don’t go out much but for necessary errands and church as I’m still walking a path toward provision . . . but I never go to the grocery store without seeing, hearing or speaking of Him!  Know what?  I love to grocery shop! 

If you haven’t given Him your heart yet, I urge you to do so.  You simply cannot imagine what you’re missing!  If you know Jesus already, please share His love!  The opportunities are everywhere.  Your love, blessings, and compassion shared might be the only glimpse of Jesus someone sees that day!

8 Responses to Grocery Shopping – A Testimony

  1. Debbie says:

    I loved this and thinking about you and Jesus at the grocery store. That definitely makes that chore more fun! God bless you, Martha, and the witness you are for Him!


  2. I remember feeling the same way after I was filled with His Spirit. I rented an outdoor theater and invited all the youth in my town to come listen to me preach. It was a disaster! Lots of learning took place since then 🙂 love this quote “preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary, use words.”


    • Love that quote! Gosh, we get into trouble when we set off excitedly on a path FOR Him but not WITH Him, don’t we? The learning is constant and the Teacher . . . don’t you just love Him? Thanks for the comment.


  3. What a great reflection, I think it’s great how he has used something that you really disliked and changed it into an opportunity to speak to others of your faith. God is sooooooooooooo GOOD!!!


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