Ooo! A New Poem!

This poem is what an answered prayer felt like earlier today.  It’s what Jesus’ love feels like . . . it’s totally what seeking the Holy Spirit to guide me feels like . . . envision big smile!  His love is AMAZING!


Hmmm . . .

Decision made!

I’m going to do something;

Something crazy!


Interesting . . .

Having decided,

Excitement has set in

And as I begin

There is a feeling of



My body and my soul

Are one

As I feel light

And lifted up

And free.


Nothing at all

May come of it . . .

And yet perhaps,

Something already has.

Maybe that is

Quite enough!



I may be in for

Something more!

Fastening my seatbelt,

Preparing . . .

Might be turbulence . . .

Oh!  Oh, wow!

Ahhhhh . . .


 Written by Martha L Shaw and protected by Copyright July 16, 2012


6 Responses to Ooo! A New Poem!

  1. You have brought your smile my way…and i happily do the same sending mine back to you!


  2. Love it, Martha! I’m smiling, too! 🙂


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