Keep It Simple

Well, I have had so much work to do in the last few days and this is just the time that my ISP had some major “outage” and thus NO INTERNET.  Gosh, do they not know I had a couple of deadlines to meet, research on some new projects to work on, an online course to complete, and on it goes and . . . . it’s not just me.  We do rely on technology these days.  Wow.  So, I did a few bits of writing with . . . yes, a pen and notebook.  Amazing how odd and inconvenient it seemed.  I also, having a forced upon me clearer schedule had a good bit of extra time to pray, read some scriptures, and catch up on a book I needed to read. 

Honestly, even though having my fingers away from the keyboard was making me twitch a little, my day was delightful.  I’ve been working on some spiritual growth issues, or I should say the Lord’s been working on me.  There was one point He seemed to really drive home in me today.  He reminded me that the sheep did not run about seeking the shepherd but rather the shepherd went after the sheep.  Can’t speak for all of you, but when I’ve gotten my self lost spiritually or otherwise, I tend to waste a lot of energy running about trying to “find” and all the while the Lord knows what I need before I came to even need it in the first place.  I don’t need to run off looking for Him, He is pursuing me!  I just need to see with the eyes of my heart, turn to Him, and let Him handle things.  Look, listen, obey . . . He pours His favor on us.  We, like the sheep, really have the simple part.  Why do we make it so hard? 

We are so amazingly loved.  When we stray, He’s not only there to love us, forgive us, and lead us home again, but He’s excited about it!  When we turn to Him with all our stuff, the good and the bad, He’s overjoyed and takes such delight in showering us with His grace.  We just have to let Him!  At one point today I was reading a hard to receive message from the book I’m studying.  I found myself starting to get anxious about it and this time I STOPPED.  I put the book down, and asked Him to bring me to a peaceful place and help me to be receptive to the message He had for me in it.  I felt His peace at once.  It was only then that I could hear the message of love and reassurance He had for me.  There is just nothing better.  Let Him love you!  Keep it simple.  Be like the sheep!


4 Responses to Keep It Simple

  1. Your message was so timely. Thank you for sharing and lifting me up today. Blessings and love. Sharon


  2. vicki roberts says:

    That was a wonderful message, Martha. Thanks for sharing it with me….Vicki


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