A Poem – Excerpt From My Book

The following poem is an excerpt from a book of poetry I am writing.  It is nearly finished and I am currently in the process of finding a publisher.  In fact, I was invited to prepare a book proposal a short time ago and have done so.  No decision has been made yet as to whether it fits their current vision.  Prayers appreciated on this.  Thanks!

Soul Kisses From My Savior


You introduced me to my heart

The day that I accepted yours.

I know now that true and lasting  joy

Was never before mine

Until that day I looked into your eyes

And found my very soul

Was looking back at me

In the pure love and grace

I saw reflected there.

You touched my hand

And led me to the place

That I’d been seeking all my life

Without ever knowing what I’d missed.

Suddenly, this secret of our love

Is one that I can no longer keep

To myself

And so I freely share it

Every chance I get.

A most amazing consequence

Is now so clear to me.

For every time I blow a kiss

You blow me two of yours!

by Martha L Shaw Copyright July 25, 2012 


6 Responses to A Poem – Excerpt From My Book

  1. Nicely written! I pray it is accepted for the publisher’s purpose.


  2. A very beautiful poem of love and praise to the one who first loved us! I look forward to your book! May God bless you and keep you!


    • Thank you my brother. I cannot get the words “because He first loved us” out of my mind of late. It’s so lifegiving and I for one don’t always really take those words in. Our failings, our brokenness, all the times He leads and we tarry far behind . . . whining and wanting . . . we “know” we are loved and forgiven and loved with a love we did not earn but taking the thought a step further, He first loved us. That really makes the “unconditional” nature of His love HUGELY CLEAR.


  3. From one lover’s heart to another – God Bless you. My prayers are yours for the asking.

    Beautiful thoughts and beautiful words from a beautiful heart! Keep writing Martha!


    • I so appreciate you words and prayers. Provision is needed badly and living the vocation of writing and speaking for Him is a burning desire He placed in my heart. Might be a tent maker like Paul to enable me to write and speak. Prayers for enabling and listening/hearing so appreciated!


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