Don’t Forget Your Soul

July 28, 2012

To attain well-being, we need to take care not only of our bodies but also of our minds. Mindfulness practice is central to seeing the interdependence of mind and body.  – Lilian Cheung, Thich Nhat Hanh –

I think this quote is good as far as it goes.  I can take good care of my body but I can think my way into an early grave, so it is important to keep my mind healthy, but what they’ve neglected to mention is, to me, the most important aspect of all for my total well-being, and that’s my soul!  It seems to me that on days my mind is distracted and my body has its challenges, when I feed my soul . . . or seek nourishment from Him who is my source of all strength, everything changes for the good! 

“Praise the LORD, my
soul, and forget not all his benefits”Psalm 103:1-3


De Colores – A Tanka Poem

July 27, 2012

De Colores


Life in black and white.

Weeds grow in Eden’s Garden.

Original sin.

God’s compassion . . . Jesus Christ.

Garden blooms, living color!


by Martha L Shaw Copyright July 27, 2012

How Does GOD Feel?

July 27, 2012

I just thought of a friend of mine whom I knew would not be available to take my call, but whom I had a message for.  So I texted him what I needed to say.  The message?  “I Love You.”  We know we love them.  We kinda figure they surely know we love them.  Probably they really do know it . . . but it still needs to be said. 

I was also thinking of my Godchild . . .  She is grown up now.  She’ll be coming home from her summer job soon and then moving about 1000 miles away to begin her adult life . . . post-college.  I’m already missing her even though she’s coming “home” for a month or so, but I wouldn’t change a thing about her nor do anything to hold her back even if the idea of her having a permanent residence far from me stings a bit.  Oh, her college wasn’t near but I could kid myself that “she’ll be home on break.”  Not a phrase that comforts me now.  So, she’ll be home a while and we’ll get to be together . . . I won’t be a distraction from homework or cramming for exams.  We’ll have some special time together.  I’ve loved her more than life itself since before she was born.  She is the daughter I never had, is wise in ways I cherish too, and just being present with her knowing she loves me and I love her is good. 

Oh, there are delightful memories of her helping me with things and me helping her with things and those times will always be in my heart.  There will be lots of new memories taking up residence there too.  Some of the times that I treasure most were just our being together because of that loving relationship we have. 

Do you know what?  God feels this way about us.  He delights in us and while the depth of His love is beyond the human ability to measure, the best comparison I can come up with is my love for my Goddaughter.  Sometimes He just wants us to be hanging out with Him, holding His hand, looking up at Him lovingly.  Words?  There’s not a need for any but three . . . “I love  you.”

July 27, 2012

Anytime I need to feel God’s love, I know I’ll find it here looking at her beautiful photography.

Gwirrel's Garden

With warm weather finally reaching the UK, I’ve spent as much time outside as I can savouring the fact I can sit outside without a wetsuit on or freezing cold.

I’ll get straight to the photos…

Ragwort has attracted Cinnabar Moths to the garden, and we have quite a few Catterpillars on them – only tiny still though! But I am looking forward to seeing them grow.

This sneaky Willowherb has popped up in the hedge between the gardens… Technically it’s in my neighbour’s garden and they are pretty even if they are rather invasive.
Delphinium ‘rose’ is stunning… this one I was unsure about when I bought the Delph offer; resultantly I gave two to my mum and kept only one to myself. Now I wish I’d kept more because it’s gorgeous and actually I’d say it’s purple rather than rose – matches my Erysimum perfectly!
Veronicastrum is also…

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July 27, 2012

As followers of Christ and in our commitment to Him and to our personal relationship with Him we are called to be His vessel.  We “know” what a vessel is . . . or we think we do.  Have you ever looked up the definition?  I just did.  Not sure why, but as soon as I saw what the definition stated I became convinced the Lord called me to seek this information and to share it.

A vessel is a utensil that is used.  It is also an airship.  INTERESTING.  Consider . . . as a utensil it serves the one who carries it.  The burden is in the hand holding it. We need to remember as well the second part of the definition for that word as we ponder our commission as Christ followers.  A vessel is also an airship.  As such, it SOARS! 

Wow.  I am loving being a vessel now that He’s shown me these words.  Rest in His hands and soar!

Piety WITHOUT A Church Pew?

July 27, 2012

WOW!  I just “heard” a conversation . . . okay, read it on Facebook, which I found so disturbing.  Sadly, as I say this I realize that we could all be convicted of the same thing at some point or points in life.  Perhaps that is the reason it troubled me so. 

Someone had stated an opinion on a comment made by a political candidate.  The individual was clearly not a fan and the comments made by others in response were, all but one, equally opposed and eager to be critical on the candidate.  I must say that not one person mentioned issues or policies, and all used only vague statements like “idiot” and “stupid” and worse.  Then there was one comment that in my mind and heart was set apart from the rest.

This person quickly stated that said candidate “goes to church every Sunday” spent the rest of a very long comment SCREAMING at all who might read it about “I bet YOU don’t go to church at ALL.  Well I always do and anyone who does knows that I’M RIGHT WHEN I SAY” and on he went raving and accusing and judging.  Wow.  There was no expression of faith.  There was not one actual fact stated.  His comment was rudely expressed assumptions and opinions based on those assumptions. 

Consider for a moment that, as impossible as it is, he actually knew who did or did not attend church on Sundays.  Relevance?  Consider as well that, since our faith regardless of denomination or religion, does compel us to reflect it in all we do and draw others to faith.  Being a Christian, I have to ask, which is more likely to draw others to faith, how much piety I show in a church pew or in the grocery store, the parking lot, the highway as you speed by me, cut me off . . . Does my behavior when I knew I’m being watched convince you to change?  Does my behavior when I think nobody’s looking reflect the same?

Anyone can behave well in church, but if we simply define church as a building in which we sit on a regular basis, we’re missing something.  The church is US.  I can quote Jesus, mention something I read in Paul’s letter to Romans . . . but if I put the Bible down, leave the room and chew you out for rushing to the checkout counter ahead of me in line . . . curse you out to “keep that kid quiet” or pitch a fit because you worked a few minutes late and “I slaved over this dinner!”  and more . . . are you likely to want to learn more about this faith that I’m trying to get you to believe in?  I don’t think so.

God’s Love – The Good News!

July 26, 2012

Okay, I was going to call this post “great news” but since many of you are praying for me to find the job the Lord has for me (and I’m in the process of a job lead just now so keep praying) and since I didn’t want you to start getting excited about that and realize “ah, shucks” I decided to choose a different name for this post.   Just an FYI there. 

Ah, while we’re off track, let me say KEEP PRAYING for my eye sight.  It is slowly healing and I am so thankful!  I am also thankful for the wonderful ways the Lord provides for my needs, like just a moment ago . . . I came home to find Mom’s bathroom flooded and poor Mom not knowing what to do.  My few tricks didn’t do much but slow down the rushing water, which is a plus, but um . . . so I called a contractor friend and he literally hopped in the car and came right over, did a little of this and that, and woohoo, plumbing issue fixed with no new parts and flood waters gone.  Never did flood beyond the bathroom, and so I now have a freshly cleaned bathroom floor.  lol  Always a good thing. 

Now, back to the real point of this post.  Yup, I had one.  I even remember what it was.  lol  Read the following quote from Psalm 84:

Even the sparrow has found a home,
    and the swallow a nest for herself,
    where she may have her young—
a place near your altar,
    Lord Almighty, my King and my God.

Is that not the best news ever?  I love birds.  They wake me up sweetly each morning, and when I have quiet prayer time, they seem surely to be praising the Lord along with me, but peeps, think about it.  God loves us that much AND MORE!  How amazing is that?  Think about that little swallow . . . she’s a tiny little thing and she’s about to give birth . . . is in fact in the process according to the quote.  She’s in a pretty vulnerable position for lots of reasons, yet she’s not worried a bit.  She feels totally safe and she is.  He’s got her covered.  Why do we not have as much confidence as she does? 

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