Darkened, cloud filled sky.

Thunder rumbles, lightning strikes.


Fear replaced by hopefulness!

Storms announce the new season!


By Martha L Shaw – Copyright 8-8-2012


2 Responses to REVELATION!

    • Oh, thank you! Interesting story for you. The picture here is one I took by Silver Lake in Tewskbusy MA. I lived there from birth to 10 years old and loved to drive there and take pictures of the Autumn in New England by the lake. This particular day went from amazing to stormy in a heartbeat and just minutes after I drove about an hour to get there and my initial disappointment immediately changed when I saw the sky exactly as this picture shows. To me, it was the image of God . . . I have always called this photo “God Speaks to Me” as it clearly demonstrates His brightness and our hope is always close at hand, even in a storm . . .


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