Chicken Quesadillas and Eternal Life!

When is a leftover not a leftover?  When it is changed into something amazing and new!  The remains of a roast chicken from the other night became chicken quesadillas for supper and oh, were they good.  Sauté an onion until its translucent and sweet, dice up the chicken after removing the skin and any remaining bones.  Get some shredded cheddar cheese . . . and have seasonings of your choice ready.  In a frying pan toast a tortilla on one side, flip it over, top it with the fillings and seasonings, fold it over and serve it with a side of sour cream and your favorite salsa.  Yum!  Tired, ho-hum, dull, disappointing?  Never. Changed into a new creation! 


Hmmm . . . . Not unlike what happens to us when we accept Jesus Christ into our hearts and commit our life to Him!  All our failures, disappointments, and the rest are transformed for the good and we are changed into something AMAZING!  A child of the King of Kings and inheritor of Eternal Life!  Change – it’s a wonderful thing! 



2 Responses to Chicken Quesadillas and Eternal Life!

  1. I see that you might actually be READING those cooking blogs!!!! Awesome.


    • Oh, I do love reading them and yours especially but I confess I am not one to follow any as written but more likely to be inspired by them. I love to cook but while I own cookbooks and other “how to” sorts, in life I am more of an innovator . . . if the snow storm ends and someone has kindly cleared a path in the deluge, I am far more likely to choose to go where there are no footprints but my own to see where it will lead. Not that I don’t appreciate the other options, but simply that there’s a hunger to discover the magic overlooked!


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