Jesus Wants More For Me Than Someone Else’s Pizza!

Okay, I was craving pizza.  There’s one place that’s very expensive but the pizza’s best around, then there’s the places making claims to “fresh” pizza available IMMEDIATELY and for only 5.00 . . . . so they don’t know I’m coming or what I will want but mystically my pizza will be conceived of by them and made “fresh”  before I even drive into the lot, and this happens HOW? 

I’m not fussy in the way some people are.  You know . . . the ones who never seem happy with anything they’ve got.  But of late I’m finding that I’ve lived a lot of my life being molded by what others deemed sensible and what others wanted for me.  Well, the Lord had a plan for my life before I was born and well, sorry all you folks who want what you want me to be, but I’m not God nor are you and when I do what He has planned for me, He is glorified, I am anointed and His joy fills my heart. 

It’s kinda like settling for someone else’s pizza.  It’s okay . . . it fills my tummy . . . it tastes pretty good, really it does, but from the contents of my own kitchen I made my own homemade pizza.  I’ve always and I do mean ALWAYS ordered my pizza “out” and somehow it was a whole lot like living someone else’s life.  It was okay.  I was made for more than that!  So, at an age when some people are thinking about a smaller house now that junior’s in college . . . I’m working hand-in-hand with Jesus and finding out how amazing His plan for my life is.  It’s new!  It’s different!  He doesn’t reveal much by way of details and I’m learning what the word trust REALLY means, but all that being said, I can already tell you it’s amazing.  I’m learning that when I am having a sleepless night over how the bank account’s gonna get me through another month, I can pray for more faith,  more trust, and to feel His peace and He understands and delivers and I slip gently to sleep in His arms. 

My life isn’t making everyone who knows me happy all the time.  Some people grew a bit used to me being compliant and available.  But life in this world is too short and I don’t want to wander in circles for 40 years trying to get to my promised land . . . I want to live the life He selected for me.  I gave Him my heart and He gave me His.  I’m not going to live a life meant for somebody else anymore and I’m not gonna settle for somebody else’s pizza!  Life can be delicious!


Regarding my pizza, I always have Bisquick on hand for last-minute wonders . . . and pancakes.  lol  So, liking a light and flaky crust, I mixed 1/3 cup of hot water and about 1 1/2 cups of Bisquick (don’t over mix it) and pressed into a greased pizza pan.  I used my favorite tomato sauce and topped it with mozzarella and feta cheese, then some calamatta olives.  Put into a 450 degree oven with the rack at the lowest level in the oven and cooked it for about 12 minutes.  But I encourage you to be wild and make your pizza your way.  I’m planning to use the same crust next time with spinach and a heavier handful of feta  . . . maybe some roasted garlic in pieces big enough to know you’re eating it . . . a white pizza . . . lots of calamatta olives too!  From there, who knows??? 


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  1. sounds great. i made calzones for our supper. yummy. want some? trade a piece but ours is all gone! 🙂


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